Day 13: Slanguage of Slove

Day 13: Slanguage of Slove

A Lesson by Lizzy

read then write


You are a 13-year-old girl named Lisa Palluzzi. You have made up your own language where you put the letter S in front of all words with your initials, L and P. You (SLisa) speak this language to torture your two younger sisters, SPatty and SLorna. Write in this language.

Start with: When I babysit for you spipsqueaks, on Saturday nights, I am going to....

Take the next step:
Who are you when it comes to writing practice?
1. Underpaid teenage babysitter
2. Nanny from Europe
3. Retiree earning supplemental income
4. Well-behaved child
5. Poorly-behaved child
6. Parents who are away
In order to be more productive, gain rewards, and still take care of yourself, who else might you be?

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