Day 14: Testing 1-2-3

Day 14: Testing 1-2-3

A Lesson by Lizzy

chose one word from each group that most appeals to you


First group:
weed, lava, crush, trophy, bible, banana, fender, inhale, mask, giraffe, gas

Second group:
at a circus, during a war, in a space station, at a park, on a beach, under a full moon

Third group:
If I could stop, I once asked, The first day, If you must know, The hurricane neared

Start your story with the third group, making sure it takes place in the second group and uses the word from the first group.

Take the next step:
Many things come in threes, including three-word expressions like "live, love, laugh" and "hip,hip,hooray" List as many as you can think of. Include all these phrases in a story. Set a timer for ten minutes. Ready, set, go!

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