Day 21: Gypsy

Day 21: Gypsy

A Lesson by Lizzy

the images are: scissors, hand, capricorn sign, flag poison skull, snowflake, ying yang, cross use them in order in your story.


You are in a bus depot in New York. A gypsy appears out of nowhere and hands you this card.

Use all eight elements that appear on the card in a story that begins:
It almost seems impossible for me to go back to that split second when...

Take the next step:
Make your writing more clear and interesting in a split second by changing from passive voice to active voice. Compare these examples.
Dull and Passive: My car was driven to Florida by Jake.
More alive and active: Jake drove my car to Florida.
Go back through this exercise (and others you've done in this course) and change passive voice to active voice.

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