Day 27: Dear Diary - One

Day 27: Dear Diary - One

A Lesson by Lizzy

pick one option from each list then use to continue the story


Age options:
12 yr old girl
64 yr old beekeeper
20 yr old college student
42 yr old movie star
6 yr old boy

Location options:
Live on a farm
Live in a penthouse
Live in a mansion
Live on the streets
Live with aunt and uncle

You are now this person and this is where you live. You just found a diary from 1864. Let the story unfold from there.
Start with:
Some people might not have opened....

Take the next step:
If you knew no one would ever read what you write, would you:
Not write at all
Write a bit less
Write a lot more
How else would this affect your writing?

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