Day 29: What a Character!

Day 29: What a Character!

A Lesson by Lizzy

follow the steps to make your character then write the story starting with the sentence given


Pick an age between 2 and 88:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Name of a City/Town:
Type of Residence/House:
First name starting with G:
Last name starting with S:
Prominent physical feature:

You are now officially this character.
Start with:
I remember when the power went off...

Take the next step:
Don't worry if you feel like you're having a creativity power outage. This is a vital part of the creative cycle, called the receptive phase. When you're in this phase, it's important to relax and let ideas/inspirations flow through you. One will spark the next part of the cycle, called the active phase. Learn to enjoy both parts of the cycle. Go out and receive!

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