The mystery of the black Laird of Stirling Castle.

The mystery of the black Laird of Stirling Castle.

A Course by Greig McShield

Set in 1840, Laird Roy MacFiberian, sixth in a line of the old covenanters, loyal and strong to their precepts.The times are now a changing and the Laird is growing old and frail. His son, his only son James McFibian sailed across the America ten years ago, promising to find his fame and fortune and one day to return......Will he return before the old Laird dies? One thing which the Lard did not tel his son, there is a legend of a beautiful maiden who supposely appears out of the the river Teith when the Lair's life draws to a close. she appears five times, the Lard seen her once in October two weeks ago, she has four more visits to make before his time will draw to a close. Will James make it back in time or will eh be too late?



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Greig McShield
Greig McShield

London, Tower Hamlets, United Kingdom

A man of rare talents, I can weave a story out of a short sentence and spin a yarn or two which will rcaptivate your imagination. Come with me as I travel beyond time and space, into the land of dream..