Lesson 1. Why you can't finish your writing

Lesson 1. Why you can't finish your writing

A Lesson by Savvy

Having trouble with finishing your writing, but you don't know why, or how to fix it! Learn the reason to why you can't finish what you write, and then read the lessons that tell you how to fix it!


Lesson 1. Introduction to why you can’t finish your writing

Problem: You are working on a really great project for a while, a really long while, and your having a difficult time finishing it. Why is that?

Reason: The reason is, well, there can be many, many reasons why you can’t finish a story, or any writing.
Some are:

·       You keep going back to what you have written, and you edit it and re-write what you have already written, before you’ve even finished your rough draft

·       You can’t decide how to finish your story, for example, you could have them break up, but then, don’t you really want them to stay together?

·       You don’t know enough about your characters yet to finish your story, so you just keep writing and you hope you will find out enough to decide what will happen to them

·       You’re enjoying writing it so much that you don’t want it to end!!


Of course, there can be many reasons why you can’t finish what you’re writing, but these are the common ones. Editing and re-writing is the one I have the most trouble with; I’m never really happy with what I’ve written. The next four lessons will cover each of these never-ending problems, and ways you can fix them. We all love to write, but we also love to read, so do yourself a favor and let us!!!


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