A Lesson by Mason Watts

the begining, the start, whatever you call it you should probably start here.


Before you start actually putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, you need a few essential things.


1) A plot

A plot is only essential when you are really wanting this published in any way shape or form. But you don't need one for every story you write. Eventually if you write long enough in the plotless story then you might find yourself where a plot has either started that you didn't realize you had put there (happens to me all the time) or you find a point that the story isn't going anywhere at all and that you really need a plot. I have a little notebook with me that I have different plots stored up when I need one. But usually my plots come the way I first mentioned. I will just write and a plot will just form itself.



You have to have characters to have at least one person on this planet who can actually relate to the story. If you can relate to the story in any way it will make you want to read it. Even in SiFi stories and novels the characters have certain qualities that you can relate to or that you wish you had and that makes the story enjoyable. in that same notebook with my plots I keep a list of characters (mostly just names) that I will use.

I always have trouble naming my characters so everytime I come across a name that either I came up with or that I heard I will write it in my notebook and use it. I also go to some web sites that have list of names. Those are really helpful.


I'm sure that there is more that I am forgetting and if I come across that thing or things that I am missing then I will soon add them.


These are just the basics of the starting point. there isn't much that you need to start. Maybe just some creativity and something to write on but this is the starting point if you are considering something like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where you write 50,000 words in a month and you need a good old plot and some characters or even just a novel.

I strongly suggest my notebook idea where I put all my plots and characters. this is a HUGE help to me and it might work for you as well.


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Posted 9 Years Ago

Good help. I'll use that when I write my other stories.
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