If Nothing Bad is Ever Said...

If Nothing Bad is Ever Said...

A Lesson by Speechless Shadow

How to accept criticism and improve your poetry without changing it completely.


Rule number one: Accept Criticism

There are many ways to improve your work. If you join groups that have reviewers, then join those. Also, be a part of some courses so you will be able to learn how to improve your writing. Accept criticism from people and listen to what they say. If they say something like "You could be more descriptive," then listen to that. Instead of using something like "the child was jealous" use a metaphor such as "the child was a green snake" or something along the lines of that. You do not have to totally change up your work just because someone criticized it. Do not try to escape the criticism because you might as well just stop writing if you do not want to see what people have to say. Stop worrying if your work gets criticized, just keep writing and try to improve. Then be proud of yourself when someone says "Good work, keep writing!" Hope this helps!

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