Slang is not the Answer (part one)

Slang is not the Answer (part one)

A Lesson by Megan

Slang is the physical (or in this case mental) harassment in the writing world.Watch out.


Slang words are important to have under your tool belt. If you want your character's diolouge speaking slang, don't use "cuz". Use 'cause. The ' part of the word is usually a "zing!" that it's slang.

For all of you people out there who enjoy using those shorter words, the one-way ticket out of that prestigious publishing company is these red flag words "diz" "dat" "cuz" and pretty much anything else that has a z at the end of it where as the correct spelling would be s this or s that.

If your character in your sory, book, chapter, screenplay, whatever happens to be a harpoon-shooting-ball-playing-superhero-cowboy, to add some voice to the diolouge and say "I'm going to shoot this harpoon at you so get swingin'." there would be slang right there. Swingin', hangin', poppin', or any other word that would usually end with -ing MUST have an apostrophe AFTER the n. The only rule to slangs ending with n. Follow it. Okay, well it's nearing ten o'clock at night and I am VERY tired. And you know how I am when I'm tired. So I'm going to be lazy and post a part two later.





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Posted 7 Years Ago

Or, apparently, post a part two never.
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