A Lesson by Mariana Smithe

Introduces how to use descriptor words in a way that wont bore the reader but still give the nessasary facts needed.


Descriptor words are important when writing any kind of story because it brings the reader into the story. When a person is reading they imagine what's going on. Even if they are not actually paying attention, every word they read they are imagining what is happening. This means that in order to make them interested you have to make every word count. 
For example, if you are writing about a place that most everyone knows then you would only have to write the things that are different than what common knowlege tells. However, if you are writing about a place of fantasty or a place that there isn't a lot of common knowlege about then you can describe a little more. Please note that if you are writing about a fantasy or uncommon place then describe only what is important and what will be needed later in the story. 
For Example, she walked up the stairs she felt a shiver of cold on her feet in the dark stairwell as she climbs she felt a light breeze on her face (later in the story) she had now realised why she felt that shiver, someone had died here. She ran out screaming but she found she was locked in...
  You have an idea of what the stair well looked like but there is room for you to make opinions on what you think the room looks like. Some authors, especially ones for teen readers, don't understand that within the first chapter you have to grab the reader's attention or they are not going to read the rest.This happens to me all the time and normally if it jumps out at me the first chapter then I will contimue to read and enjoy the rest of the book.This isnt always true some books get better as it goes on but you have to string the reader along. Entertain the reader and trick them with twists to continue them to turn the pages. 


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Mariana Smithe
Mariana Smithe

I like stories about Romance and Mysteries that no matter how hard you think you cant predict whats happening next.