You may be doing this already

You may be doing this already

A Lesson by Edgar A Stonehill

Illustrates how many writers revise one document over a series of files


In the pursuit of a final written product, most writers go through an iteration of drafts. If you don't, stop reading you don't belong in this course. Seriously don't waste your time.

When we type our creations into a file, we tend to create specific files that mimic written or printed drafts.

So we might make a folder for one story, and in that folder have files like:
rough draft.doc
second draft.doc
third draft.doc
third draft with shelley's revisions.doc
fourth draft.doc
alternate ending.doc

Over time someone might get wise to how file systems sorts and adopt a naming conventions that may resemble this
final - AltEnd.doc

The main purpose of this system is the ability to go back and review the changes.  Is there anything wrong the methods shown above? Not really.

The methods illustrated above particularly useful if you only write one document, or maybe less then ten.  The more people write the more files they generate and the more cumbersome it becomes to keep track of it all.  This excess effectively costs more than the benefit of being able to go back and look at the different revisions.

The revision tools I will be highlighting will appeal to writers who have much larger and more complicated projects.

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