A Lesson by Alice N.

Hope it helps


~ All right I'm totally pointing out advice here but your choice to take it or not kk<3

How to tell:
- don't talk to anyone
- hang in the library alone
- don't eat with people at lunch
- don't talk in class (only occasionally)

How to change:
- if your shy start with one person you can talk to
- invite other loners into your cliche 
- invite old friends
- start to participate more in class
- talk to others even if i it is about school (find 1 thing you both like)
- stop hanging in places by yourself and go with your cliche
- talk to old class partners or new ones


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Added on February 29, 2012
Last Updated on February 29, 2012

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Alice N.
Alice N.

elizabeth, NJ

my name is alice im a huge anime freak i like all types but yuri n its not that i have anything against it cause ill totally watch it its i just cant get into reading then i love yaoi right now im wat..