How Your Character Acts Must Be According To His Beliefs And....Other Stuff

How Your Character Acts Must Be According To His Beliefs And....Other Stuff

A Lesson by oops sorry (not really)

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For some odd reason, I realize that I don't make very much sense in these lessons, but never mind. 
     How would your character react if a dog was barking at him? Would he run away screaming, stand there staring at the dog like it was crazy, or just walk away? Or maybe we would walk up to the dog? 
     How you're characters act and react is sign of what type of person they are or what kind of life they're leading. Like if whenever there was a loud noise your character jumps what would that show? It would show a stressful person. 
     This is where cause and effect comes in. Effect: Your character hits a tree randomly. Cause: He's naturally crazy. 
     Or it could be like this. Effect: Your character hits a tree randomly. Cause: He's trying to get his anger out.
     If you have trouble understand your character USE (see I'm commercializing) cause and effect. It only costs two dollars to use it and it's a perfectly safe way to.....never mind. Anyway. You can look at an action that your character has made and ask, " Why...?" If he just did it because you wanted him to then you need to get rid of that action. He has to have a purpose or a reason.
     You're reading a paragraph where your character is randomly surfing the internet and finds out something that changes his whole life. You feel excited, but then you ask yourself, " Why is he randomly surfing the internet?" And you can find no reason. You can't use the reason of boredom because Christmas just passed for him and he has plenty new books to read or video games to play. You began to become distracted. You become so distracted that you don't even realize that you're eating the cereal box instead of the cereal inside of it. WHY WHY WHY?! Then you become enlightened and cry out with joy. You point your finger straight up into the air and kiss the ground. HE DOESN'T HAVE TO FIND THE THING THAT CHANGES HIS WHOLE LIFE ON THE INTERNET. HE CAN FIND ABOUT IT IN A BOOK THAT HAS A SECRET MESSAGE IN IT THAT SOMEONE ACCIDENTALLY LEFT. 
     Explore every loophole, dodge every obstacle. That's not my motto because I'm too lazy to do that, but it can be yours. ;)
     Of course, the um...example I gave you wasn't very good but you get my point, right? Wrong. AGH I KNEW I WAS A FAILURE!!

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oops sorry (not really)
oops sorry (not really)

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