What Impression Is Made From What Your Characters Say?

What Impression Is Made From What Your Characters Say?

A Lesson by oops sorry (not really)

" Ask me why." " Okay why." " Because I say so." " Why do you say so?" " Because I'm beautiful." " Why are you beautiful?" " Because I am." " Why do you keep on saying because?" " Because I like it."


I don't know about you, but if my mother said to me, " Where's the telephone?" and it was sitting right in front of her nose, I would think that she was either blind or couldn't see beyond the end of her nose.
     Okay. I'm going to put a little interlude here and you figure out what kind of person these to characters are by what they're saying.
     " You know, I used to be in the CSI club. I just hate idiots which explains why I don't like myself," person #1 says.
     " Cats. Bats. Mats. Fats. Which is you favorite?" person #2 says.
     " The dog."
     " Yeah that's my favorite, too." 
What would you think of those people if they actually said stuff like that? 
     So unless you're character is lying, I wouldn't make him/her say something that was against their character. Like having your character yelling swear words at a tree when he's a very fervent catholic and has a very mild temper. And don't make your characters say stupid stuff just to further the plot! It completely ruins the book/story or whatever your working on.
     So yeah. That's it. Enjoy your life, keep stuffing that pudding down your throat, and don't forget to write.

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oops sorry (not really)
oops sorry (not really)

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