What Your Characters Appear As

What Your Characters Appear As

A Lesson by oops sorry (not really)

So yeah....that's me.


I'm not pretending that I'm an expert on this and I'm not pretending that I'm....well, the point is that there is no point and we need to get on with it.
     First, the way your characters look really gives it away. I mean, if your character looks like a slop and has an amazingly clean room that just doesn't work. 
     If you saw a person with a t-shirt that was obviously too huge for them, uncombed hair, and baggy pants as well as a bored look on their face, what would your opinion be of them? Would you think, Well there's a person that's orderly! 
     If you would think that then I advise you to go to a psychiatrist. 
     Now let's say you're character is a guy. He's had a rough life and he's really on Darth Vader's side. What would you make him look like? Would he have a suit on and a tie with hair nicely combed and everything? NO. More likely he would have a mohawk and be wearing ripped jeans, not to mention he would probably have a dozen tattoos. Actions speak louder than words. Just remember that. The only time actions don't speak louder than words is when words speak louder than actions. Don't try to understand my logic. 
     Just to warn you: People don't change overnight. If your person is so proud to bring him low would be like eating the intestines of a bug then don't make him change overnight because unless something shattering happens, he/she is not gonna change!
     Like I am a slop. I am lazy and I'm a procrastinator. My motto is: Laziness pays of today. Hard work pays of tomorrow. 
     By the way, I stole that motto from a t-shirt. I didn't make it up. Just to let you know.
     Do you think that as soon as I got up in the morning that I would look at my room, shake my head, say, " My, my. What a messy room. I better clean it up," and actually start cleaning up my room?! NO, OF COURSE NOT!
     Instead I would look at my room, smile, and say to my sister, " I just broke the record! This time I can't even see the carpet. Wait, do I even have the carpet? Boy, it's been so long I can't even remember if I have a carpet anymore." And instead of picking up a few clothes to see if I have a carpet, I would wade through my room and find out I couldn't open the door because too many things were piled up against it.
     So the point is, characters are human beings. The only difference is that they're written down on paper.
     Just remember that. 
     I was just wondering....what impression to you get from the picture of this penguin?

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oops sorry (not really)
oops sorry (not really)

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um....so yeah that's me thanks for reading