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How to handle chapters.




Q: How many chapters should I write?

A: That depends on how much you want to tell. Do you want it to be a series? How involved do you want to go with it?


Q: Should I do a prologue or an epilogue?

A: Sometimes I do. It just depends on the type of story. If there’s something I find that people may not get then I do the prologue. Otherwise I just start writing with the first chapter. The same goes for an epilogue. Also if I feel there needs to be something said that doesn’t really fit with the flow of the story at the end then I will add an epilogue.


Q: Titling the chapters? Good idea or bad?

A: I think it can be fun. It’s a way to make your book different from others. Most people just have Chapter One or One or even 1. That’s the way I do it. If you decide to title the chapters you can do something like this Chapter One: Amaya’s Coronation. Or if you don’t want to use the chapter heading like that you could do Amaya’s Coronation.


Q: Glossary?

A: Only if you need one. You don’t want people to think it’s a textbook. I say only use a glossary if you think people won’t be familiar with what you’re writing about. Footnotes could help with that problem as well.


Q: Table of Contents?

A: Only if you’re doing a poetry or short story collection.

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M Garcia
M Garcia