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Picking a plot.


Picking a Plot


Q: How do you pick a plot?

A: For me, I usually base it off something. Say a dream and I go from there. I’ll take a bit of that dream and build on it. Sometimes I even take a short story or a poem and make it work.



Take the dream I had recently. I was working in a bar. One of my co-workers, Steve, and a friend of my husbands from Pennsylvania, Dave, owned a bar together. I would work either waitressing or filling the drinks.

The one night a group of guys came in and started trouble. They beat up Dave and then Steve (he’s a big guy which only proves it’s a dream) before leaving. The bar got back to normal rather quickly with Steve and Dave talking to police.

After the police left the jerks came back with guns and decided to rob the place. I was working behind the bar and tried to call the police, but I got caught. Right before the head dude came after me I woke up.


I could easily write that up. Telling what happened from each person’s point of view and whatnot.


I guess what I’m trying to say is see what inspires you and go from there. Whether it’s a dream, short story, poem, or something else.

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