Magical Words

Magical Words

A Lesson by Sabrina Fowl

Magical words can sound really cool if they are made right.


To make a non-cheesy word that sound magical, I like to start with a translator. 'A translator?' you might ask. Yes, a translator. Just a simple electronic kind. 

Latin is the root to the romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, etc.), some of the most beautiful sounding languages on Earth. If you ask me, magic is a beautiful thing, that deserves beautiful words, so a translator really is a great place to start. 

Type what your spell does in the translator and translate it to Latin (I am going to use the example of an enchantment that makes you blink uncontrollably). You might have to mess around with your word choice a bit, but eventually you will get a Latin phrase. 

Back to the typing...
I typed in "blink without control", and the translator gave me "connivebunt sine potestate".

Now for the make over...
Substitute SOME vowels for other vowels (e -> a, or i -> o).
The word(s) will still look (at a glance), like the original Latin form, but will sound different.

connivebunt sine potestate      ->       connavibunt sine pitastate

Finally, make sure the phrase.word does not actually mean anything, because otherwise a reader might be mislead. 

Also, for a dramatic effect, you can extend the vowels. 
                                                                                    connaaaavibunt sine pitastaaaaate

If you want to make the words funny, switch out consonants with other consonant. Use lots of 'q(u)'s, and 'k's. For some reason they make words funnier. 
Konnivebunt quine potestake


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