Lesson 1

Lesson 1

A Lesson by Zane Mathias

the first step in creating a master piece.


Lesson 1


Ok here we go.  We are going to start off by picking six words that represent how we are feeling.  Go deep inside and the first words that come to you write them down.  it does not matter if the word is SAD or blah or even Good.  Just six starter words.  So mine will be: 

1.      Angry

2.      Failure

3.      Tiered

4.      Odd

5.      Passionless

6.      Numb

The purpose of these words is that they are our base feeling of our poem.  Now the next step is picking out two other emotions to attach to each word. you can pick more if you find the need to!

1.      Angry----rage---hurt

2.      Failure---disappointment---loss

3.      Tiered---stressed---exhausted

4.      Odd---off---weird

5.      Passionless---depressed---oppressed

6.      Numb---cold---nothing

Now another way if you are having trouble finding or you dont like the words that picked that you are feeling or the emotions go to www.dictionary.reference.com click on Thesaurus and type in, for ex: Angry.  Here are the results:

1.     Affronted

2.     annoyed

3.    Antagonized

4.    bitter

5.    Chafed

6.    Choleric

There are many adjectives that describe angry!  I try not to use the first six words at all I go dictionary.com to find less familiar word that make my emotions stand out. 

Now with the six words and the total of twelve emotional words I want you to come up with 4 stanzas and each stanza being at least four Quatrains long meaning four lines long. When you have successfully completed six stanzas post it in the comment box below.

Do not worry if your poem sounds dry. Lesson Two will get into beefing up the content. we are working to build the base of  our poem up!   



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