Leson Three: Making it Interesting

Leson Three: Making it Interesting

A Lesson by Essa G

Lesson three of this course Mostly tips


Make sure you keep the reader interested. You sure don't want them to put the book down before they get to the end!

Maybe you want to keep them on the edge with cliffhangers, or create a twist or a turn. Maybe a character does something unexpected. Maybe a past becomes uncovered.

Use things like descriptions, dialogue, etc. to engage the reader. Everyone has their own style of writing, but make sure not to bore the reader.

Add details, thoughts, snippets of things the character doesn't know yet. Play with language to keep the reader reading.

Here's a tip: don't write an entire chapter with no dialogue or thoughts or twists or turns. Chances are, the reader will most likely skim through it. Big paragraphs usually don't appeal to a reader. Keep them a good size. If they're too big, they'll "scare" the reader in a way that they won't want to go through the whole thing.

Make the book interesting!

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