This is your SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH a hero.....

This is your SUPERHUMAN STRENGTH a hero.....

A Lesson by Chris Stephenson

Be a progressive writer nothing can stop you. You can be a good writer. And write about a


Lesson 1

It takes a lot to sketch out a picture of something.

Lesson 2

Writing is as if you are drawing. But ? yourself. What should they read.

Lesson 3

Always have fun edit.

If you ever have any problems go back to lesson 1-3.

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To be  superhero what do you want your character to be?
Question yourself what would I be? Question yourself what is good for a reader?

{{{{{{ 2}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Once you are this far you need a villain. A bad guy that must be stopped.

{{{{{ 3}}}}}}}}}

Sometimes the plot is the bad guy but sometime it is the superhuman at his art.

{{{{ 4}}}}}}}}}

How did they all meet each other. It time to make a plot of this after a villain and hero alike are made.

A glance through your mind should help. By adding. How they meet.

How they act to each other and the story line.

This is a plot but do not forget the character no matter how far fetch they are.

{{{{{{ %}}}}}}}}

It is entirely up to you now. After this you got something as if it is about this......

% man. Pro cent man. He need to give a 100%.
- the bad guy needs to give problems for the pro cent man.

So when you write.

the plot problem and attitude are perfect.
for the villain.

ADD ADD and ADD it up word after word you can handle.
You got now so try to write a comic.
Thanks for your time and trying to write with me teach you how to write. A Comic Story.


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Added on October 16, 2016
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