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Bob said something the other day, that really annoyed me...


Read the description? OK, here it is:
My weird method that i sort of mentioned in the last lesson, was that i write essays. Bob didn't know this, so the other day, he asked me what i was writing, i told him and showed him my essay. And he got teenage angst. He said how you can't write about your own book like this because it's not even @#$@ published and on and on about how many rules i was breaking. I told him that it's not exactly plagiarism so what can people do and anyway, it's my method. Then he laughed. There are a lot of annoying things that he said but i think the number one thing that really bugged me was that he laughed. He laughed at how i was doing things, how i was tackling this novel but you know what, my method freaking works, i feel like the completion of my novel is so much more manageable and realistic now. I wasn't really thinking of a lesson that i could teach, but i guess we could all learn from bob; respect other writers and their way of doing things, or you may get punched in the face...  

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Added on September 27, 2012
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I am a young unpublished writer. I have several story ideas and am currently working on one. People often say "I like your writing", but they have never said that they like me. This, i think, justifie..