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a method is like a fingerprint or more specifically, DNA


I found this article helpful:

After reading it(and admittedly watching a little bit of the ad), i read the comments below and one that caught my eye was about how she will do the opposite of what people tell her to do. I won't mention her name in case i'm not supposed to, but i agreed with her(i'm the "anonymous")
I also wrote my own comment at the very bottom but above the place where you can write your own comments. This one, i can quote on; 
I find this to be true; you need to do things “my way”. I only realized today that the answer to “How the heck am i going to write a novel?” is “However the heck i want.” I think that, while it’s helpful to read/listen to how other writers write, it is even more important to listen to “myself” and ask “myself” what “I” want to do and how “I” want to do it."

Perhaps my comment helps you? But i think the article itself will help and maybe even some of the comments. I've actually discovered today "How the heck i want to write my novel" and it's pretty weird. In the comments(in the article), you'll read about people who say their method is weird but my one is weirder. No, "weird" isn't the right word...unique, original(definitely has never been done before), different and my favorite word; interesting. So, like the article, like the burger, have it YOUR way. 

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