WriterMania (Become the Best Writer in You)

WriterMania (Become the Best Writer in You)

A Course by aChickWhoWrites

This course is for everyone who wants to become the best writer they can be - I'm not talking simply articulate dialogues and fancy yard-length words, I'm talking inspirational, earth-shaking, the-next-big-thing type of writing. Join me as we embark on a journey through the lanes of imagination. Here there will be articles on writing, prompts to enliven your rusty imagination, various exercises to boost your energy, dialogues, quotes, everything worthwhile. for more information, follow me on: www.achickwhowrites.wordpress.com



What do YOU see when your eyes fall on me? Tell their story! What do YOU see when your..

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Starlight City

In a world where everyone's the same, can I be different? Why should I fit in when I can stand out? If people were rain, you'd be a drizzle and I'd be a Hurricane. Current location: where the..