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What do YOU see when your eyes fall on me? Tell their story!

What do YOU see when your eyes fall on me? Tell their story!

A Lesson by aChickWhoWrites

In these types of lessons, I will be posting various images harvested off the web, that I thought held more literary magnitude than meets the eye at start. So who do you see when you look at me? Below is my take on the image. Now you try! And post it here for reviews!





PAPER WINGS -by Eiman E. Elmusharaf


These paper wings.

They feed me hope; nourish my strength, they whisper hymns of reassurance into my ears, convincing me that no dream is too far, no ambition is unreachable.


These paper wings,

Dissipated by air, volatile stardust to fool a fool into taking a leap into infinity. I’m the fool, always been the damn fool.


These paper wings,

I thought I could fly. You told me I could fly. Why the hell can’t I fly?


These paper wings,

I should’ve known better. Shouldn’t have jumped so high, should’ve just scraped by.


These paper wings,
Weigh me down, only hinder my stumble through the hedges of failure.


These paper wings,

Will keep me company. At least they’ll keep me company, these mirages of projections from my shoulder blades.


These paper wings,

Will flap uselessly as I plummet through the clouds, leaving gapes in my wake, gapes that symbolize the punctures in my soul, the cracks in my scapulae.


These paper wings,

Will break my fall, will come to life only breaths before the collision, flapping inches above the ground with a low swoop that will carry me to safety.


These paper wings,

I hide beneath my garments, pull my cloak tighter around myself to hide these burden of creations.


These paper wings

will take me there. These paper wings are my everything.


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Added on October 12, 2013
Last Updated on October 12, 2013

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