How To: Have A Custom Cursor For Your Page

How To: Have A Custom Cursor For Your Page

A Lesson by McBear

Ever wanted to know how to have a custom cursor on your page? hehe


Okay, guys. First, I am going to be teaching you how to use show a custom cursor when someone is on your page. When they are on your page, their cursor will be what you want it to be. Example.. A flying nyan cat like on my page.

Note: Writers cafe doesn't support high tense code; so animations may not work. 

Step 1: What you want to do is go to a webpage that supplies cursors.
No, there is not any virus's AS LONG AS YOU DON'T CLICK ON ADS! (No, I am not yelling, just wanted that to be more obvious :P)

Anyways, here is a webpage I use quite often for my cursors.. 

Step 2: Next, what you wanna do is go to Account - then look at the box that says "About me" 

If you already have stuff there, do not worry as the code I am providing will not hurt it! 

Step 3: On the site I provided; when you find a cursor you want you want to copy the code that says "Universal/HTML CODE" Do not use the style sheet!!! 

Step 4: Now, copy that code you got into the top of your "About Me" box. Again, AT THE TOP! It will not hurt anything as long as you do it right.

EDIT: If you want the custom cursor to work in Cources or writings, be sure to save it after you put the code in and then edit it again, save it again and it should show up


On your profile, where you can post messages directly to your profile.. just paste the code there (comment).

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Added on December 19, 2015
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