3 Objects

3 Objects

A Lesson by Ria Vero Benthil

"Select 3 Objects from your surroundings."


Prompt 1:
Three Objects Prompt

Figure 1:  This is a photograph I took of my clock.

Tuesday; October 11, 2015

Step 1: Select three objects from your surroundings.

For instance, here are the following objects in my office:

- candle
- clock
- mirror

Step 2:  Write a 3-5 sentence poem or story about these 3 items.

For instance, here is an example of a story I wrote with these three items.

The metallic leaves adorn the outside of the candle.  It flickers along the wood paneled walls, trickling behind a broken cuckoo clock.  I gaze into its glass face; its hands point at the same Roman numeral, XII.  Bloodshot eyes emerge from the mirror that hangs above my bed; the blue fairy smiles down upon me as she remains perched on the border of my reflection. 

Step 3:  Share your poem or story with an audience.  It can be through social networking or in person.

For instance, I would love to read or listen to responses to this prompt.

Thank you for taking this course!


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Posted 8 Months Ago

I love this idea! I'm trying to become a stronger writer, which is what brought me to this site. i'm posting my story to my profile. Would you mind taking a look at it and reviewing it? I welcome all criticism!

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Posted 9 Months Ago

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to this writing prompt. :D There will be one daily.

Well done, my friend.

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Posted 9 Months Ago

Hey this what I have done, what you think? I loved your idea very much frnd... Thank you so much... And your story is full of details and perfect for a short story like this that captures details...

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Posted 9 Months Ago

The room has become dark after the moonlight hid behind the dark clouds. The candle which was at the backside of the clock, soon lit up with fire. I see the reflection of it on the broken mirror behind it.
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