Chapter 1 - the typical life

Chapter 1 - the typical life

A Lesson by Passionofawriter

This lesson focuses on how to create a typical life of the main character in your first chapter.


Chapter 1 - the typical life

now, you can 'tweak' typical. like in the first lesson, remember to create the characters life if you haven't already. give the character hobbies, wants, aspirations, imagine it as raising a child. imagine it like you're god, and you're creating a human being so you need to set aspirations for it, give it hobbies, a past and a future.
once you've given the character these hobbies, make their life slightly different from everyone elses - make them unique. 

now, by making them have slightly different hobbies from someone else, their actions will be different too.
so, for example, if one of their hobbies is music, maybe there can be a piano in their school hall where they end up playing, or maybe if they just like to hang out with friends, the character hangs out at a shop after school.

no-one wants the boring beginning of 'wake up, go to school, come home, go to bed for tomorrow'. you should aim to tweak that, because that was a perfect stereotype which everyone has heard of.

remember, it's your story, you can make your characters do anything, like anything, be anything, dream anything, aspire anything. you are like the puppeteer and the story is the movement of your puppets.

but try not to rush your stories - even the first chapter.

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