Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Lesson by Passionofawriter

Now that you've got your 'ordinary' first chapter, you can start with your second.


Chapter 2

now, you've introduced the reader to the character. So what you need to do now is add in something different that the character hasn't experienced in their lifetime before. but don't make it so different that their whole life changes. you don't want to write your story in 4 chapters, do you?

here's the problem with writing very, very short stories. 
when you write very short stories, you do not give the reader enough time to catch all the hints, to absorb it all. im not saying your book should be mega-fat, im saying that it shouldn't be rushed (look back a couple of lessons for more information on 'rushing') like we have already established.
im not saying it's bad to write short stories. short stories are fine, but the difference between short stories and stories (long stories) is that a short story would be like a quick overview of the story with everything included. it would not capture the same emotion that the story evokes/brings.

so, when writing your second chapter, it's best to use it for 'hints'. now, probably the most used 'hint' would be to bring in someone else into the story - the future lover of the main character. but, if you don't want to do that too soon, you can do a lot of other things.
let your mind explore.
in the next few chapters, something should start building to the very main plot of your story

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Posted 7 Years Ago

this is more like a plain writing guide than a romance short story guide... maybe change the title/include more info on ROMANCE? Sorry :P Couldn't help myself.
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