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too many people get caught up in being original, and spend hours on 'being original' when they don't realize that it's a lot easier than they think.



It's good to have ideas. they don't necesserally have to be all yours though.
It's almost impossible to come up with a 'completely unowned in any single way' idea. I think it is impossible.
so don't be afraid when you're thinking of a romantic scene at the picnic and you're afraid that you'll be blamed one day because your copying another writer.

first of all, you probably aren't copying them
and second...

every writer is unique in their own way. no matter how much you try and be identical to another writer, there will always be that one thing that is different. you can have a story of a thousand words, even if 900 are exactly the same as another story, the other 100 will make your story that much different.
every writer also has their own style. 
your style will come as you continue writing. in fact, you don't even need to be aware of your own style too much. but you should know that writers are all different, none of them write the same. 

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