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The common mistake of many writers is that they rush in their stories, and it makes the story almost lifeless. don't make this mistake.



Many aspiring writers today and in the past can have a good range of words (range of vocabulary) and can know how to set a scene, but too often they rush the story.

here are a couple of common reasons
1. Too excited to get on to the next part
2. Too bored of the part that they're writing, so they want to radically change to the next part.

now, if you're too excited, you need to take a deep breath and slow the pace of your fingers, as well as your mind. but the most common reason for people to rush parts of stories is because they have become mentally bored of writing.

to be bored of writing means you had to stay on your desk trying to write a good story for too long, or you're stuck with ideas and have got a bad case of writers block.

don't stay at your desk too long! separate the first ten minutes of when you write from the next ten with something that is different to writing. take thirty minutes watching some TV, reading (probably the best thing you could do), or even eating. just do something that will get your mind off of your story! that way, when you come back, your ideas are refreshed, and you're ready to write again.

but there is a big issue of writers block. writers block can start off by sitting at your desk too long.  but once you have writers block, it's not as easy to get off your mind.
if you have writers block, the best thing to do would be to read. read, read, read as much as you can in different themes as well as romance (the theme you're aiming for) and not only read, watch a movie as well.
as bizarre as this sounds, watching a movie opens up your mind a bit. a movie is like a book, but with acting instead of words. and in movies, words come alive. that's how you should imagine your book as. you should imagine it as words that are alive, and real. not just dead words stuck onto pieces of paper.
it also helps you get ideas.

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