Starting with inspiration...

Starting with inspiration...

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  Starting with inspiration

In order to write a story, you have to imagine it first. I find this as a good mental exercise to writing before you start. 
Before you even attempt to pick up a pen and paper, or place your fingers on your computer's keys, you need to start off with an idea.

here's the beauty of writing

here are a few simple steps to getting started with inspiration.
1. think of a plot of your story in your mind. every great love has a great story behind it (-the notebook)
2. rearrange this plot several times and start building characters around it.
3. go with all sorts of characters - they can be weird, funny, bizarre, secretive or pretty much anything else you have in mind.
4. give your characters a life. for each of the characters you make, build a good family around them, give them a personality, give them a history and a future, give them hobbies, likes and dislikes - create them.
5. fit your characters into the plot you thought of, you can change some things if they don't suit your liking. 
6. think of some good phrases that some of your characters might say to make the readers laugh, cry, sing or shout.

you don't have to stick with this when it comes to writing the story, but it's a good guideline to start with, and it'll get your head in the game

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Posted 2 Years Ago

This is a very good baseline to start! Love this!

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Posted 6 Years Ago

I love suggestion #4 -giving your characters a life with hobbies. I never thought of that before although somehow I do give my characters hobbies or things that give them personal pleasure such as working out, reading or listening to music. Thank you!
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