Paragraphing and Indenting Rules

Paragraphing and Indenting Rules

A Lesson by Wolf Paws

The three rules of paragraphing.


One thing about making a story would have to be paragraphing and indenting. It's best to make sure your writing has space. 

One rule would be "subject". When your writing changes a subject you start a new paragraph. For example: 

Simon then sat in the leather chair, which was still hot from the sun's heat.
  Soon enough Tony walked in the room.

The second and easiest rule would be the "beginning" Which is, everytime you start your story, you paragraph it. For example: 

  It was year: 2715. A boy named Jake Techish lived on a alien planet named Keysha.

The trird and last would be "dialogue". Everytime one of your character speaks you paragraph it. One catch, about paragraphing dialogue is when the same character speaks the second time after you put "said or ect.", you don't paragraph it. For example:

  "I'm sorry, you can't have anymore popcorn," ordered Zack.
  "I wish I could have popcorn," thought Stephen. "Because, then I wouldn't be hungry now."


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