A Lesson by MJ Durston

The truth about whether or not inspiration is required to write.


Inspiration is a crock; furthermore a writer should not rely on inspiration to create a masterpiece and instead should stand shouldered firmly to their talent and their drive. Inspiration is not going to write a best-seller but Focus will.


A writer goes through many phases, many phases where there is no writing and other phases where there is too much. Sure, us writer’s are fed by inspiration on occasion. We see a terrible horror film and are inspired to do better or we are touched by some sad story somewhere and we are inspired to create our own. These spouts come often at random because there is no inspirational tree outlet in the world to feed us, and so the writing must stem from something else: My greatest advice to the novice writer is to focus on what is in front of you, what you have at hand; your talent or in some cases skill.


It works like this: focus, sit at your computer desk and just write – you don’t need some fantastic idea to get you going because more times than not; there will be no inspiration there to help you. So, instead you must depend solely on yourself. This may be frightening, but not everything is handed to you in life and especially not in writing.


Just write, write about your life, about a girl who got stuck in the inspirational tree or about a boy who was afraid to try something new. It’s all up to the writer to create a work of art in the form of literature. If it’s not working: try harder, I can promise you it’s all there in your mind. Besides, if you wait around too long, another writer will surprise the world with some marvelous idea and you will have missed your opportunity.

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