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Here are some ways to get ideas. If you already have one, I suggest you read the introduction, and then you can skip this lesson if you are satisfied with what you have.


To start off a book, you need to have an idea. This includes the characters, setting, and plot and other details that you might want to add. 
If you already have your idea, try coming up with more (preferably some different ones) before you move on. I suggest this because my books have better plots when I join several ideas together into one big idea.

-1) Clear your mind. To do this, try writing down all your thoughts on a sheet of paper or in a journal for a while. Free write everything that you're thinking, even if it's boring or useless. You can also try sketching or painting for a long period of time. This helps you focus on ideas and less on distractions when you are trying to think creatively.
-2) Keep a journal. Try to have it with you at all times so you can write down ideas the moment you get them. You might end up not using most of these, but you still want as many as possible to choose from and construct good characters/settings/plots. You don't have to keep everything organized when you write things down; You can do that later when you're not gathering important information.
-3) Watch a movie or read a book. Find one that you enjoy, and then really think about it. Think about the plot. Think about what in the movie/book makes you like it. Think about your favorite character and why you like them. Record inspirations in your journal. You can do this more than one time to get different results and new ideas. Songs can also help sometimes.
-4) Remember your dreams. It is hard to do this most of the time. My tip would be to keep a dream diary. Every night, try concentrating on thinking about just one thing so that if you have a dream about it, you are more likely to remember it. You can also try being very determined on remembering a dream at night before you fall asleep. This will usually result in remembering at least one dream if you have one right before you wake up. In your dream journal, write down all of a dream that you can remember as fast as possible, every time you wake up in the night. Even if it is only one dream that you recorded that day, you can still get good ideas from it. Write dialogue and important points first, since dreams fade quickly. Dreams often have good characters/setting/plot that your mind subconsciously developed that are great for stories.
-5) Think. Just think about random stuff for a while. Whatever pops into your brain might turn out as a great inspiration, so just think. I often find thinking with music boosts my creativity, so you can see if that helps you as well. If you think of something that might be good to remember, write it down in your journal.
-6) Watch others. A restaurant is a especially good place to do this. Just sit down somewhere (you can order something if you think you look awkward) and watch people come in. Make up stories about what they might be doing. Use your journal!
-5) If none of these work, I would recommend talking to someone. Just sitting down with a stranger or a close friend/family member and talking. It's always a good idea to get experience from others. 


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