Get rid of your Inner Editor

Get rid of your Inner Editor

A Lesson by Queen_of_Winter

Your Inner Editor is the source to all your writers block. It always says that what you are writing is stupid, not gonna work, doesn't fit, etc., etc. All it is doing is causing you to draw a blank... GET RID OF THE CAUSE TO THAT BLANK.


First off, you need to get rid of the voice in your head that nags you constantly, "That makes no sense." "That's horibble! Erase that, erase this. That's stupid," Get rid of it, because all it is doing is making your mind draw a blank. That is what it wants you to do. We have a way for you to get rid of it.


Do not worry, when you are finished with your novel, you may have it back, but only when you are finished. You may not have her back any earlier, if you do, then you will begin to draw blanks as you are writing it.


The First thing I want you to do is close your eyes, imagine every little detail of what the editor looks like. What is it doing, is it a male or female? Once you have gotten a good look at your Inner Editor, tell he/she buh-bye!


Now the button on your mouse pad will send her/him to a beach, or something to make him/her leave you alone. Click the mouse, and imagine her disappearing.


You have done it! You have gotten rid of the nagger!! That's great, now you are ready to begin with the rest of the coarse!

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Added on July 26, 2012
Last Updated on July 26, 2012

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