Characters of a horror story...

Characters of a horror story...

A Lesson by saunved

Getting the most out of your characters...

" welcome back everyone... you got the Main Horror Feature of the story decided?
Alright...lets move on...towards the characters.
Now, decide-
Are you going to write your story in 1st person? i.e. "I"
or are you going to be the narrator?
Both ways, your story can be cool.

Lets explore the first possibility...writing as 1st person.
1/ Make sure that the character's name is short and does not imply much.
    Jeff, Neil, Dan, Jane, Fred, Lisa etc. are good names. Don't start of with "My name is Mr.Pollywickle".
    The reader will laugh when he comes to your name each time :p.
2.  Introduce yourself well. Don't give a vague intro like - I am Dan, 14 years old, from xyz.
     Get into the character, or better make someone shout out the character's name-
     "Dan! Get OUT of my garden this instant!" Its like hitting two birds with one arrow because
      you are revealing the character's name as well as his habit, i.e. trespassing...
3. Show the fears of your character...darkness, blood, flesh, bones, skulls, death, life...what is he/she
    afraid of? Its important to show this...and the more eccentric the fear...the bettttttteeeerrrr!
4. Learn to SHOW your character's fears through little things. E.g-
    "I closed the balcony door and made sure that it was locked properly. I went to drink a glass of water
     in the kitchen and made sure all the windows were locked. Then, I went back into the hall to retrieve
     my mobile. On the way back to my bedroom I made sure that the balcony door was locked properly.
     I felt a breeze coming in from the window of my bedroom and I quickly closed the window and locked
    See? That guy is really afraid that someone might barge in into his house in the dead of the night. By the way, are you alone at home right now? Make sure the door of the house is locked...but vampires don't exactly need a key to get inside do they?

More about characters in the coming chapters. I am realllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy sleepy. Good day/evening/afternoon/night to you. Yawwnnnnn.

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Great lesson, really helpful. I would like to point out that according to the traditional lore vampires can only enter your home if you invite them inside. I realise that bit's only in the lesson for comic relief, I'm just nitpicking ;)
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