What you need

What you need

A Lesson by Richard Mueller

The first steps to writing a narrative


Hello, this course is going to revolve around writing a narrative. Here is what you need to get started: 

1)A topic 
2)An experience to go with that topic 
3)Pen and paper/Hands and a computer 

The idea of writing a narrative is EXTREMELY simple. Have a good story you have to tell. First, you need to know your topic, though. For example, say your topic is the universal idea "Speak," then all you have to do is think about a time you spoke up or didn't speak up. Now you need a story. A good example is if you happened to be bullied and didn't say anything. Now you can get ready to write by getting out that pen and paper or computer, whichever preference you prefer. If you would like to read on, my next lesson will be coming soon. Get ready! If you have a topic you wanna share with me, go into the comments, I'd love to hear! 

Thank you, 


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Added on January 26, 2014
Last Updated on January 26, 2014

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Richard Mueller
Richard Mueller

River Grove, IL

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