The perfect climax.

The perfect climax.

A Lesson by aleexbabee

Climax is another word for the ending. Using all the information in your story you must make your climax explode. Make your readers want to read again!


Alright my students, you have almost done it! You have almost written your perfect novel. Now you must hit the climax. Don't just finish the story make people explode with emotion, hook your readers and make them want more.
Once your series of events have been solved you must come to the end. But, whatever you do, do not drag it on. Once the reader thinks that the story is dragging on, trust me, they'll stop reading. I'm not saying make the ending short I'm just saying get to the point sooner then later.

The climax is one of the most important part of your novel, it's the part your readers have been waiting for so don't sell them short! So, your whole novel might be about  not touching a silver spoon. Throughout the story you have built suspense over almost touching the silver spoon. Everyone is freaking out over touching the silver spoon and only you, the writer, have the power to tell what happens if you touch it!!

So, the silver spoon is there, the best part of a climax is to not give people what they expect. Because everyone is so freaked out over touching this silver spoon, your audience will be thinking that by touching the silver spoon something bad will occur. Don't let them control your story! Give them a shock. Maybe someone accidentally knocks the silver spoon. Then the whole town blows up! Though the audience did expect something bad to happen i bet they didn't expect that!!

Another great tip is to make your last line the best line. The last line ends your story and will be the last thing running through your readers  mind!! For example, the touching of the silver spoons last line could be something as simple as - we told you not to touch the silver spoon, to something as exciting or remember able as, Silver spoons, they will destroy country!
I know that in reality silver spoons are completely harmless but in your story they can control the entire universe!
But, as soon as the town blew up, that's where your story should end, if you keep the story going for another paragraph or so  it will become boring since the climax has already past.

your last assessment is to write the climax of your story.
Now, i am so interested to read what you have written, so send me the link to your story and i'll be happy to read and review it!!
Goodluck =]

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Now, I am very much interested to read new post what you write, then give me a link to your story, I will be happy to read and review new post as well.

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