The perfect idea.

The perfect idea.

A Lesson by aleexbabee

To start a great novel you need to have an idea in your mind of what it is about! in this step, i explain to you the who, what, when, where strategy!


Ohk, i know most people, when writing a novel, skip the most important step in the history of novel writing. The idea!
When i started writing my first novel i totally skipped the part about thinking of an idea of what the storyline would be about and about a quarter or so into my novel it was already completely out of control and going no where.
If this is your first novel, i would advise that you select an easy storyline to begin with and advance on it as you go further.  For example, the basic storyline of your book could be about a girl who moves from China to Australia and has trouble settling in. If you are experienced or have written a full novel before and can handle starting of a little bit more difficult then you should. For example your idea could be a girl who moves from China to Australia because your house got blown up and you were ordered to leave your country.
As you can see, though they have the same story line, the easier one only has a starting base which means the writer can advance on that idea as much as they want whereas the more advanced one already has the storing line fully planned out which means it would be a lot more difficult for them to add a lot more to it without going completely off track.

alright, i want you to think thoroughly about your storyline. A great way to do this is to remember who, what, when, where.
who- Who is the main character
what- what is the story about
when- when is the story set. e.g 1950
where- where does the story take place. e.g Sydney, Australia

When you have done that, then you advance on those steps:

who- what gender is it?, what race is it?, what does it look like? etc...
what- how does it start?, what might go wrong?, how could you end it?
when- what time is it?, what type of language was used?
where- do they live in a house? where do they live?, what does it look like?

After the who, what, when, where you are done with the idea of your storyline. If you feel the need to advance on it anymore then be my guest but you shouldn't plan every aspect of the story all at once because then it's harder for you to advance on it.

First assessment- i want you to write your first paragraph, the opening paragraph. Check you have included your who, what, when and where and then stop. Once you have done that go back to my course and I'll tell you the next step. But what ever you do, you must plan out the basic storyline otherwise  you'll get stuck!
Good luck =]

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