To open your mind you must close your eyes

To open your mind you must close your eyes

A Lesson by lorili33

How to use your imagination to write something colorful.


I have always written with my eyes closed for as long as I can remember.  I have been told that I have a beautiful way of expressing myself in written and spoken form, my children and some of my friends and family have all told me that the pitch, tone and rhythm of my speech when I tell stories is entrancing. My choice of vocabulary can paint a perfect picture for my listeners. example; 

 Alaska Autumn Glories

As I stepped out the door, I close my eyes and the smell of fresh cut grass and rain hit my nose. My skin on my bare arms felt the crisp bite of the cool fall air and as I opened my eyes I noted  that more and more people are warring sweaters or jackets to guard against the increasing cold. The clouds over head gave way to a light sprinkle of rain. I also noted that the trees and flowers were changing colors from green to red and gold as well as falling to the frosted ground.

The use of a  good vocabulary can help anyone  mentally  visualize what is being said.  After reading what I have written can you see all that was described? 

How about your sense of smell?

Delectable Dish

I have many favorite food dishes from all around the world, and so I find it hard to choose just one, maybe a description of a four course meal that I would call a dream selection of foods I find as delectable and delicious might give you an idea of my perfect meal. First we would be served French onion soup, along with a glass of white wine, French bread with garlic butter, and a fresh crisp green salad with a vinaigrette dressing. As the main course, I would select a 3/4ths inch prime rib cooked to a medium rare perfection, with French cut green beans seasoned with lemon pepper, and a garlic seasoned potato topped with chives. Last but not least, for dessert turtle cheese cake with a glass of white zinfandel champagne.

Were you able to smell what I described? 

To use your imagination you must have a full vocabulary.

To be continued.......


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