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Reading While Writing

Reading While Writing

A Lesson by Underestimated

How what you read shadows what you write.


So, I bet your absolutely in love with "Fifty Shades of Grey." You just gotta finish the series, but oh dear, you gotta finish that sixth chapter of you're own story. And you find to time to fit writing in while your obsessed with these crazy amazing books. DON'T DO THAT. Finish the series, wait at least a week to shake off all the metaphors, writing design, and characters you just read, then write. Never, NEVER, read a book with writing. Unless it's some book that's incredibly boring and your learning what not to do when you write. 
YOU WILL WRITE LIKE WHAT YOU READ. it's a fact, it's true. If your reading fifty shades of grey, then whatever style your completely in love with will shadow into your writing, and it won't be good. 
I'm writing a re-telling of Peter Pan, and I realized how much my writing styled J.M. Barrie's after about eight thousand words. Guess what. ERASED EVERY SINGLE WORD AND STARTED OVER. It didn't sound original, interesting, or real. It sounded like a thirteen year old who wanted to sound cool. Trust me, I would know. 
So, read read read, it will make you better. But if your so in love with "The Lucky One," and the style of the writing wait a week or even a month because you know precisely what will happen. Movies are completely different, be as obsessed with The Avengers as much as you want, it won't effect your writing. Unless of course you suddenly are adding Captain America to the story randomly. 
If you write, read over it and see if your sounding too much like another writer. Sometimes this will happen even if you don't read a book. Just because you love the writer you will sometimes shadow them without knowing it. 

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Added on May 20, 2012
Last Updated on May 20, 2012
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I'm thirteen. A very young and inexperienced writer. I love romance, adventure and supsense writing. (and maybe, just a little bit of horror) But I am so excited to see what I'll learn being here! ..