The Most Fun I've Had in Years

The Most Fun I've Had in Years

A Lesson by Underestimated

Writing is incredibly fun.


Okay, come on, you know that whenever you write that jaw dropping scene where the man reveals he's the kid's father, you want to jump around in a giddy dance. Well, I certainly do. When I finished my second ever book, I screamed more than few times. Cause it makes me happy!!! Alright, now to the lesson.

You know those parts of a book where you're like, "Eh, it's only the random scene before the big, dramatic, amazing, climax." So you think that people are gonna keep reading till the climax? I wouldn't. When a book gets boring, even if it is right before the climax, I put it down, forget about it for a few months, pick it back up, remember why I put it down before, and put it down again. BORING. Every single scene in your book should be focusing on the right things. 

So here's a scene example:
She saw the wooden door, and wanted to open it, but she was scared
Another example: 
She glanced over at the wooden door, but she was skeptical to open it. 

Okay, the first sentence would be boring to write, but the second, I feel the writer getting excited. It's about the making the book exciting for the reader, AND YOU. If you don't like romance, but write it because it's the biggest thing on the market these days, why would anyone else read it? Why would you write it? Writing should never be boring. EVER. I wrote a story once and realized I was getting bored but just kept writing. IT WAS TERRIBLE. The reader knows you just want to get to the exciting parts. Find things in the words that you can expand on, like joy, depression, or anxiousness. 
Don't just say:
She was scared.
Please, Please say:
Her chest tingled with horror as the barrel of the gun pointed to her eyeball. 

This is a strange sentence. Never say "She is/was blank." unless absolutely necessary. Because the read wants to know what signs show the character has emotion. Of course, if your writing about an emo character and they show no emotion at all, take the chance to describe whats going on inside, rather than appearances. Okay? 

The point of this lesson(sorry went of rambling for a moment) is that if you don't have fun every single second, the reader won't. If your absolutely ecstatic when writing, it will shine through the words. That doesn't mean your writing will be amazingly good or a top seller, but at least it won't be boring. 
Bye Ya'll
Amen to that, Calvin. This is what the next lesson will be about^. 

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Posted 6 Years Ago

Wise thoughts. Thank you.
Is the next lesson about last-minute panic? Just kidding.... oh I love Calvin and Hobbes.
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