Aim for an Internship

Aim for an Internship

A Lesson by C. Rose

The summer after you graduate high school, is typically used as a fifth summer at Armageddon or an internship. Here are some options.



Leviathan Hunter Branch: Interns are partnered with more experienced hunters, but are allowed out in the field to track and catch unregistered and convicted Halvs.

Leviathan Legal Branch: Although in its infancy, Leviathan is attempting to gain legislative authority. This project made great strides, but is being held up because the council insists they go through every law, act, and bill passed in the last ten thousand years and report their opinion. Interns would research and paraphrase these laws for their superior.

Leviathan Social Services Branch: Register and check in on Halvs in the community. Interns would be more involved in filing reports than going out in the field.

Leviathan Research Branch: There are many projects that require interns. Currently the project to collect samples of every Halvs blood is in dire need for extra hands.

Leviathan Prison Branch: Overcrowding has caused an increase in break outs. An intern would be asked to play a prisoner in an attempt to learn of escape attempts before they happen and be a reasonable voice to the prisoners.

Leviathan Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Branch: Previous interns were not allowed to describe their work, so we cannot provide you an accurate description.

Sanctuary: Although this mountain fortress used to be used as a nursery that fed into the slave trade of Halvs, it is being repurposed, but before that it needs to be cleaned and some structural flaws must be reinforced which is where the interns come in.

AEIOU: Intern will show houses in the AEIOU community to Halv families willing to relocate peacefully to this beautiful and safe community.

Council: Intern must speak Spanish because the majority of the council members are vampires. Initial job would likely only be filing, but it is a wonderful opportunity to work for the council.

Angels: The Angels is an organization that protects Halvs under the age of sixteen. While there is a shortage of guardians, interns would take the role of mentor to a Halv and would hopefully graduate to full guardian if all goes well.

Headless Angels: The Headless Angels generally work individually to avenge Halvs and endangered races who have been wronged. While only recently recognized by the council as a legitimate organization, the Headless Angels continually push the line and may not be recognized by Armageddon as an internship opportunity for much longer. Interns would assist one Headless Angel in their activities, but be warned Armageddon strongly encourages students to avoid breaking the law.

Arena: Although new laws have banned many of the traditional aspects of arcane gladiatorial battles, the Arena still finds ways to mimic the old ways. The Arena is looking for interns willing to participate in these reenactments or with a strong knowledge of the law to help them find the loopholes.

BOOST: Leviathans capture rate has recently skyrocketed, which led to an increase in executions of Halvs, which led to an excess of Halv orphans. BOOST attempts to place Halv children that look human enough into mundane homes. Due to lack of funds, BOOST does not have the resources to check in on these families frequently enough and is looking for interns to insinuate themselves into the families lives as babysitters or tutors.

Armageddon: Armageddon welcomes students to return as substitute teachers.

Library of Osira: Interns will check closed and open prophesies against current events and report their findings to a superior.

Embers Pawn Shop: Restore, label, and sort a variety of arcane artifacts including a few legendary weapons.

Elven Menagerie: Collect or care for rare creatures.

Instant Building Co: Transfigure piles of rock into monuments in moments. Realistically speaking an intern would only be an assistant, but an internship is the perfect way to get your foot in the door.

Juzzard's Arcane Junk Yard: Deactivate arcane knickknacks. The golem disaster of 2002 was caused by a failure to do this. It may seem like menial work, but it is vital.

Majestial Museum: Upkeep the beautiful illusions in order that they not fade over time.

Giants' Archive: Check data by visiting the past. Interns would not be allowed to travel into the past, but would help the travelers by preparing suitable clothing and researching that point in time to limit risk of a temporal disturbance.

Endangered Species Observation: Interns will follow more experienced researchers as they tag and track colonies of various species.

Artificial Sentience Initiative: Leviathan began this project, but was unwilling to continue funding when there was no sign of progress. A few scientists continue the initiative in their free time and would welcome an intern to speed along the grunt work.

Magicians Assistant: You wont get the chance to use much magic, but this internship is a great way to get your name out there and make connections for future jobs.

Arcanum Mine: Previously thought too dangerous for an internship, with special recommendation, an intern can use their ability or a spell to blast away the surface rock.

Dead Stay Dead Agency: Protect graveyards from necromancers.

Operation Over-watch: Travel around the world searching major cities and small towns for any arcana in the wrong hands.

Dragon Ranch: While there are no longer any dragons to keep here, the stalls are still in the process of being mucked out.

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C. Rose
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