Meet Your Teachers

Meet Your Teachers

A Lesson by C. Rose

16 teachers for the 16 branches of magic.


Teacher Bios:

Rupert Bliss. His collections of both arcane and mundane origin have earned him many awards and several search warrants. His most treasured collection is 1,001  red pebbles.

Tesserelle Guerin. She is a brilliant contractor with more than a thousand spirits   and beasts in her repertoire, but with no wars, not including mundane wars, in   more than one hundred and fifty years she has had little use for her contracts.   Nevertheless she keeps them safe in an orange leather bound tome. She would   like to remind students that if they touch this they will be immediately expelled.

Tim Letts. He worked for Leviathan by relaying information telepathically until a   seizure three years ago put him out of commission. The seizure turned his hair   bright yellow so stop asking him why he dyed his hair yellow.

Samuel Pistachio. He transfigured the metal of the Eiffel tower to fancy green   cheese and back on four separate occasions before being arrested in 1992.

Eric Schoenbach. He was wrongfully kept in an asylum for a decade before he   published a book on how to use blue talismans to counter spells that caught the   attention of Armageddon's  current Headmaster.

Priscilla Pasinna. She has taught Armageddon students that Seeming is an art   and not a trick for twenty-two years. Extra credit if you can tell whether her large   purple hat is real or an illusion.

Orvin Telse. He was too busy reminiscing to write a few sentences about himself   so his colleagues wrote it for him. At eight feet tall, he would be formidable,   except that he insists on wearing the traditional pink toga of his depleted tribe.

Natalie Morte. She is the last in a long line of Necromancers descending from the French noble Mortimus who attempted a disastrous self-resurrection. Due to   the forbidden nature of her family's heritage Mr. Morte has grown into the role of   Nature teacher. Her favorite joke is that whether you raise the dead or grow   plants you still end up with brown knees from kneeling in the dirt.

Brian Tugenberg. He still is not convinced beyond a doubt that this magic stuff exists, despite earing a bronze medal last year for installing a firewall    around the council's computer system that can block even viruses of magical   origin.

Syrin Orasi. She proudly wears a silver eye pendant as proof of being a direct descendent of the seer Osira whose predictions helped prevent the end of the   world three time or possibly more.

Ellen Toye. Ellen Toye worked at a mundane fine arts school called Golden Touch for nearly three decades before being recruited by Armageddon.

Eugene Elbourne. He claims to have had the most recent black dragon sighting sixty years ago, although the last documented colony of any type of dragon   vanished two hundred years ago.

Lauren Carney. She tricked then Djinn Max Grey into breaking his word at the age of fifteen. While Djinn are no longer a problem, her expertise is valued   should they ever attempt to remake their existence.

Lucas Barneson. He shielded the entire earth once just to see if he could. He doesn't recommend it as he barely survived and thankfully only suffered his hair   turning prematurely white.

Alexei Schiano. He worked as a translator for Leviathan for five years before  joining our faculty and is a  founding member of Sanctuary. He recommends   having a fully transparent pair of reading glasses even if you think your vision is   perfect because of the highly intricate designs of spells you will be reading.

Raphael Olsthoorn. Those new to our ways may be surprised that one of our teaching staff is a vampire.  Rest assured that blood consumption is an    indulgence that many vampires do without. Be forewarned however that Mr.   Olsthoorn is partial to the overdramatic trick of entering a room through a cloud of  mist.

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C. Rose
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