The Letter

The Letter

A Lesson by C. Rose

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Armageddon academy

Headmaster's Office            Admission Building, Armageddon     123-456-7890



May 10, 2005

Dear Student,

While we respect your guardian's decision to enroll you in a mundane high school, Armageddon has a two month long summer program called Abracadabra that we urge you to attend. Given your situation you will not be charged tuition, but you must sign the contract enclosed with this letter. For security reasons, we cannot disclose Armageddon's location to you at this time. Upon signing the contract a representative will contact you.

The beautiful campus has eight fully functioning dorms and many fascinating buildings and areas, however only those of relevance will exist for the summer program

As you may or may not know, a bill to grant humans with eight percent demonic blood or less, commonly called Halvs, the same rights as full humans will be voted on by the council on winter's solstice. For this reason Halvs will be admitted to Abracadabra starting this summer on a trial basis. Do not worry if you are human, the Halvs will be housed in the eighth dorm and will be under constant observation. On a sad note, the previous headmaster was found to have 4.28% demonic blood and may or may not be reinstated next year depending on the council’s decision.

The following pages detail the courses available to you should you chose to attend. Note that if you have a court order to attend Abracadabra, your schedule may have already been decided for you. All texts and materials will be provided to you upon your arrival.

Sincerely yours,

Armageddon Academy

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C. Rose
C. Rose