making it seem real

making it seem real

A Lesson by taylorrose

to make an object of your imagination real


i have learned in many classes of poetry that a reader wants to read how you speak. you may be asking yourself i want big words to make it interesting but big words make a reader lose interset because you dont speak that way. for exsample if im talking about an old dog who is about to die and im the only one to tell his story i want him to be seen just as he is that means if hes old and has hair missing i want that detail. thats another thing details lets a reader feel that the dog really was alive and dieing. saying that the dog is ancient makes him seem like hes not real or just from my imagination as he may be but with saying hes old makes him still alive and on his death bed thats how t make it real by letting the reader feel him as you do or to  see him as he is thats true beauty of a real imagination


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Posted 5 Years Ago

I was taught this as well and everytime I write I try to use imagery so people can picture it in their mind what I see in mine.
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