German trip

German trip

A Lesson by Shantel Moore

Jamie Gilderhus didn’t just get to teach German 1, 2, and 3 this year, but had the chance to take eight students to Germany to learn and experience German’s culture. Those students from Capital were German 2 juniors Jordan Braught, Taylor Donglas, , Alex Munn, and German 3 seniors Alex Ultican, and Zack Kinze.
The group had two chaperones including Gilderhus and Timberline teacher Dimas Ferreira.
“The students had to fundraise the money in order to go. Some did garage sales others raffled off items or they had a job and saved money up,” said Gilderhus.
They visited many different places in Germany including Berlin, Munich, Oberammergau, and Dachau.
“We went to a concentration camp, visited a popular brewery/restaurant from Oktoberfest, and we did tours through Berlin and Munich. We also took a day trip to Oberammergau to visit the Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Castles,” said Gilderhus.
“It was the best week of my life,” Ultican said.
“My German improved so much. I learned a ton and had an incredible time,” Braught said.
The travelers created their own memories.
“One student got a double cheeseburger during our free time one day, but didn’t eat it. Every day that burger would be put in someone else’s things. When we got back to America, Ultican had a double cheeseburger in his luggage that flew all the way from Germany! We call it ‘The Traveling McDouble,” said Gilderhus.
For the 2012/2013 trip the German classes will be going again to Germany. Being in a German class is not a requirement, just see Gilderhus in room 214 during periods 1-4.

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