no fish in the house

no fish in the house

A Lesson by Shantel Moore

again another play :)


“No Fish in the House” was preformed February 24-26. The play is about a traveling theater called “Commedia del Lazzi” run by the very strict and hilarious Tony Balogna, who was played by junior Aaron Witt. Another character, Bitsy a very self-centered wife to Tony, is played by the very convincing junior Sydney Wills.

    A kid named Dexter has a dream of finally being the hero and getting the girl. He likes to make jokes. Senior Samuel Skillings, played this role with passion. The audience could believe Skillings wasn’t just acting, he really was Dexter. They are waiting the arrival of a new character, Lydia, played by sophomore Hailee Lenhart-Wees.

 When Lydia finally shows up they get ready to start rehearsal for “No Fish in the House.” Dexter plays the class clown and social pest Arlechino  accidentally gets Flaminia’s report card. After they switch report cards they decide to work on a science project together. Arlechino and Flaminia go to Arlechino’s house to work. When the fish they had for dinner is nowhere to be found, Arlechino and Flaminia set out for the grocery store. Unfortunately Arlechino spends all the money. He gets the idea to go the school and steal their teacher’s fish.

   Now the plot continues to thicken, well sort of. To be short and simple Arlechino, feels so horrible about stealing the fish that he returns it, getting the girl and being a hero.

   The play had me laughing the whole time. They used props in so many different ways making it all too hilarious. I really enjoyed watching this production. I was never a huge fan of drama until Shakespeare and Capital came along. I really would have loved to see many more people come. 

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Shantel Moore

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